Vehicle Accessories

Take a look at some of the accessories that we install. All accessories are of the highest quality and installed at our facility. If there is something that you are interested in that you don’t see here, feel free to contact us to see how we can help you! All installations are guaranteed!


Don’t let the weather impact your comfort. Vent shades allow you to keep the interior of your car cool and comfortable without rain or snow getting in. These are perfect for hot New England summer days. With a new set of vent shades, you’ll be in control of your vehicle’s conditions and driving comfortably.


These shields are aerodynamically designed to deflect bugs, rocks and road debris, protecting your exterior and windshield. Their aerospace-grade acrylic attach easily and provide optimum protection for your vehicle.


Nerf bars are a great accessory for trucks, allowing easy access for you and your passengers getting into your truck. They also play a role in safety, protecting the side of your vehicle in potential accidents. It’s crafted from durable metals and features quality non-slip rubber.


Running boards adds functionality and an aesthetic upgrade to your truck or SUV. They protect the side of your vehicle in the event of an accident, and protect your exterior from road debris from your tires. They also help you and your passengers enter and exit your vehicle more easily. With the running boards acting as an external doormat, you’ll also have the added benefit of a cleaner interior in need of less maintenance.


Truck bedliners are made to protect the inside of a truck bed from wear and tear and surface damage. It also prevents fine-grained cargo like sand from sifting between the sides and the rear door. There are plastic drop-in style options as well as the “spray on” type.


The best way to guarantee maximum comfort when you get in your car is with a remote starter. It allows your car cool and comfortable on a scorching summer day or preheated and defrosted in the harshest winter mornings. When installed properly, a remote starter will not void your factory warranty, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. And these benefits come at a reasonable and affordable price.


Remain aware of anything going on with your vehicle with a proper car alarm. These alarms protect your car and deter thieves while alerting you with loud noises and flashing lights. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car is always guarded.


Soft Tonneau covers are perfect for keeping the contents of your truck bed secure and safe from the elements. They have different styles including snap-on, tri-fold, and roll-up cover options. Whatever your need, these options are affordable and easy to use.


Adding a trailer hitch adds to the utility of your car or truck by giving you the ability to transport more furniture, heavy equipment, or even a mobile home. These hitches are crafted with strength and durability in mind, so you’ll have peace of mind while you’re driving your trailer around. It’s an investment that will transform your vehicle.